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Being humans we can evolve and develop if our roots are stable. That’s our family, friends and our base in life. If we have a healthy base, we can grow and produce healthy products. Without healing and nurturing our relationship with parents and ancestors in us, we create future generations by already made patterns. When we change patterns, we change the future.


Then we move to business field. We run business in accordance with our beliefs we get from parents. Beliefs define whether we gonna https://modafinilusa.org/ succeed of fail. If we don’t change beliefs, we learn business skills with lot of effort, but without results. When we go deeper in our conciseness and discover values and beliefs, we go further to learn and develop skills we need for successful business: communication, negotiation, goal-setting, motivation, marketing and sales.


“What is the purpose of my life?” is the question you start asking yourself sooner or later. We don’t know the answer, but you do. Ways how to reach the answer are meditation and energy techniques we teach you.

How to start?

If we have our family, work our job with purpose and are connected to something greater than self, we are happy!

We gonna teach you skills that help you have everything. Imagine yourself living in the place of your dreams, with people you love the most, doing work that makes huge positive impact and makes your life meaningful.

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Lava Nikolić

International NLP trainer, Energy Coach and Reiki Master Teacher

Darko Cvetković

International NLP trainer, Energy Coach and Reiki Master Teacher

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