Divine Mother Meditation

Universal Energy of Creation

“When you calm your mind, your heart will know what to do”.

There are tonnes of information vibrating around us every moment. Which way to go? What to choose? Whom to listen to?

By paying attention to world around us, comparing to others, trying to satisfy our senses, we often do something automatically, rather than connecting to our deepest needs.

Practicing meditation every day, we establish the connection with our self, and start feeling inside what we really feel, what we want and become very intuitive person. Intuition support us to make good decisions and synchronize what we feel with what we say and do. That way we get desired results in our life.

Through Divine Mother Meditation we cleanse our past traumas, limiting beliefs, regrets, and make new neuro connections in our brain that enable us create new powerful way of thinking.

In this meditation we use Divine Mother Mantra that enables your conscience to transcend – move to the upper level of consciousness.

Mother Loves You

Mother Forgives You

Mother Heals You

Mother, Thank You