And what is your purpose?

That is the frequent question that I have heard recently. What is this all for? Why am I doing this?

Honestly, my search for a higher purpose was taking a long time. I did different jobs and left when I would realize they did not correspond with my feelings. What feelings am I talking about? You know, when you go to work and you do not want. Or the alarm gets off and you need 15 min more to sleep, you do not want to wake up. That is when you realize that what you do does not fulfill your purpose.

I identify purpose with peace and balance. When we do what we love, when I get up and look forward to what my work is. Then I know that I am fulfilling my purpose.

When my legs are hard, my head aches, I know I am on the wrong way. Those were the signs on my way to my purpose.

I will be honest. I love what I do, I adore what I do now, although it is sometimes hard and demanding. But that is the other type of effort. I would not know how to describe it. Maybe, this kind of effort that I do not have any doubt for that I would do it again because I know the result. It is not hard effort.

And when all passes I see the result and I know I am o the right way. The result is not always positive, but it is ok, a lesson that stays is positive. Because I know how to do it next time. That is life, just go forward.

The feeling is important, whether I do what I like. What can you do while going towards your higher goal?

Firstly, decision that you will start seeking for you higher goal and leave the everyday life. We fall into the traps of everyday life. Money, fears of wars, hunger, death, violence always throw a shadow on our vision and rule.

Retreat into your micro world. Eliminate all the people you do not like. Make a distance and create a supporting surrounding which will give you strength for anything you do.

Listen to your body and if it says different then do differently. What am I aiming at here? Our body reacts if something or somebody is suitable for us. It shows by pain, shivering, stabbing. When you feel that immediately change what you do. Change your surroundings, strategy, and behavior.

Be brave and daring because it is the most important for your purpose.

Just have in mind that luck follows the brave ones.

Believe into your higher goal, for the beginning, just believe that it exists.

In the end, when the feeling is good, be happy and look forward to activities that will come. I think that your purpose is somewhere near you.

Darko Cvetkovic
International NLP Trainer, Coach and Reiki Teacher