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International NLP trainer, Energy Coach and Reiki Master Teacher

Lava has been International NLP Trainer & Coach and Reiki Teacher for many years, during which he has educated many people regarding their personal and professional development.

She had an opportunity to gain her own education from the biggest experts worldwide in the fields of NLP, Reiki, working with people’s energy and she has been passing her knowledge successfully to the ones willing to work on their own development. She is a mentor and a supervisor in the “Coaching Association for Resourceful Serbia, www.coachingserbia.com” and the founder of the “Energy House Global” company.

Through her work she has made a great impact on development of coaching as a profession in Serbia and improvement of NLP education for numerous participants. She is specialized in applying NLP in areas of leadership, motivation, marketing and presentation skills. Through her work she has trained many people on how to control stress properly, get all aspects of their lives in balance and live in line with their values and their environment.



International NLP trainer, Energy Coach and Reiki Master Teacher

Medical Doctor, International NLP Trainer, NLP Coach & Reiki Teacher.

For years he has worked in an international corporation on executive managerial positions.

Through trainings and courses for sales team he had achieved significant sales increases in 5 countries of the region. He has brought together his great practical experience in direct sales and team management and put them together with techniques and skills of NLP, shaping them together into simple and enjoyable workshops and trainings.

Besides delivering workshops open for anyone who wants to work on improving their lives and professional skills, he is also delivering individual business consultations, as well as inhouse trainings for companies and entrepreneurs.

He is, together with Lava Nikolić, one of the founders of the “Energy House Global” which aims to help everyone willing to work on self-improvement in all life aspects.